Tales from the field: methodologische Herausforderungen – [cfp]

Call für Chroniken über methodologische Herausforderungen u.a. in der Didaktik. Texte in unterschiedlichen Sprachen willkommen:

Dear colleagues,

We would like to share with you the website Tales from the fieldan online resource for sociolinguistic ethnography and to invite you to submit a contribution ! 

Tales from the field is an experience-based resource, consisting of short texts each presenting one specific problem and analyzing both the problem and possible courses of action. The architecture of the website reflects a non-linear approach to research and an organization around four “processes” specific to knowledge production: questioningexploringgrasping and sharing. This website regularly publishes methodological reflections in the form of tales based on the experience of researchers in sociolinguistic ethnography. 

How can you contribute to Tales from the fieldHave a look here. You may publish your tale in two (or more) languages.

We look forward to reading your tale !

The editorial collective,

Zorana Sokolovska, Kevin Petit, Patricia Lambert, Maria Rosa Garrido Sardà, Alexandre Duchêne

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