IATEFL TEASIG & ESPSIG Joint Conference 2024 – [cfp]

6-7 September 2024

The IATEFL TEASIG and ESPSIG are pleased to announce a two-day joint conference at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences’ School of Health in Winterthur, Switzerland. Our theme will bring together a diverse range of researchers and practitioners in ELT to share their views and practices on current global trends concerning language assessment and ESP. The main focus of the conference will be on the assessment of ESP. We are also inviting papers on change, challenges and innovation in other areas of assessment and in teaching ESP, for example with the following types of focus:

  • Use of AI in assessment
  • Critical thinking as a 21st century skill
  • Methods for assessing language proficiency in specific contexts
  • Innovative approaches for teaching language skills specific to particular domains
  • New assessment tools, rubrics, and criteria, and creative thinking in assessment
  • Syllabus development and alignment with learners’ needs
  • Essential competencies for teaching ESP/EAP
  • Unique challenges faced by ESP testers

The conference will also focus on further practice and research trends identified through contributions of the presenters and delegates.

Format of the TEASIG & ESPSIG Joint Conference: Participants have the opportunity to interact and share their ideas and experience throughout the event, which is reflected in the format. Proposals for the following are welcome:

  • Talks: 20 minutes followed by a 10-minute discussion
  • Workshops: 50 minutes followed by a 10-minute discussion
  • Forum of 3 presenters: 15-minute presentation each, followed by a combined 15-minute discussion.

We look forward to your contributions as presenters and facilitators.Please submit your proposals (comprising an abstract of max. 60 words each and a summary of max. 250 words each) using this form by no later than 15 June 2024. Successful speakers will be informed by 30 June 2024.