Language Ideologies in Scientific Discourses on CLIL

Conference given in Fribourg (28.10.2019) during the Ringvorlesung | Cycle de conférences

Talk given by Caroline Staquet (Ghent University, Belgium)
Discussant: Laura Loder-Büchel (PH Zürich) & the audience


ERRATUM (note from C. Staquet, 08.03.2022) In analysing the first scientific controversy on CLIL, the presenter made a mistake regarding one argument used by Dalton-Puffer et al (2014) to construct CLIL as a different approach from immersion (19:30 – 19 :45). Dalton-Puffer et al (2014) wrote that CLIL would be different from immersion because CLIL languages would be international linguae francae. In other words, Dalton-Puffer et al (2014) did not argue that English would be the main CLIL language as the presenter erroneously uttered.

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